Password Generator


Use the password generator to generate a security random password.

What is a Password?

It is a word or secret code previously agreed between the parties as a form of recognition. In computer systems, passwords are widely used to authenticate users and grant them privileges - to act as administrators of a system, for example or allow them access to personalized information stored in the system.

It is typically used in combination with a username or email address to gain access to a system, service, or website. Passwords are designed to be secret and known only to the user, and are used to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

Password Strength

Passwords can be composed of letters, numbers, and special characters, and can be case-sensitive. They should be long and complex enough to be difficult to guess or crack, ideally consisting of at least 12 characters. It is generally recommended to use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to make the password more secure.

It is also very important to use different passwords for different accounts, as well as change them frequently. And also avoid using personal information, dictionary words or easily guessable information.

  • Use a minimum password length of 8 or more characters if permitted.
  • Include lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols if permitted.
  • Generate passwords randomly where feasible.
  • Avoid using the same password twice (eg. across multiple user accounts and/or software systems).
  • Avoid character repetition, keyboard patterns, dictionary words, letter or number sequences, usernames, relative or pet names, romantic links (current or past) and biographical information (e.g. ID numbers, ancestors' names or dates).
  • Avoid using information that is or might become publicly associated with the user or the account.
  • Avoid using information that the user's colleagues and/or acquaintances might know to be associated withtheuser.
  • Do not use passwords which consist wholly of any simple combination of the aforementioned weak components.

Generation of passwords

The password generator produces random and strong passwords including, by default, alphabetic characters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers.

Using the tool

This tool was developed for anyone in need of a strong and secure password to be used in any account.