NIT Generator


Use the NIT generator to create valid NIT code.

What is NIT?

NIT (Número de Identificação do Trabalhador), Identification Number of Worker, it is a number for access to self-employed workers, so you can pay benefits to the INSS. With NIT, workers in the category of self-employed, retired or disabled workers are able to refer to Social Security in a simpler and easier way than other categories.

The NIT has 11 (eleven) digit numbers (###.#####.##-#), and the last digit will serve to verify the number generated.

Generation an Validation of NIT

The NIT Generator multiplies the last 11 numbers by the weight of each, adds all the numbers obtained and divides by 11, subtracts from 11 the remainder of the division and the result of the subtraction will be the check digit. If the result of the subtraction is 10 or 11, the digit will be 0.

Using the tool

This tool was developed for programmers and testers who have the constant need to enter different NIT numbers in developing forms.